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(Dub) 1 : Somewhere Not Here

English dub voice actor Mike Haimoto (Vinland Saga, Natsume's Book of Friends, Vermeil in Gold) was accused of domestic abuse and sexual assault by his former girlfriend Avery Smithhart (Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul's Prushka, Land of the Lustrous' Cinnabar) in a 50-page document on Thursday. Smithhart's account details a three-year relationship with Haimoto where she claims that he isolated her from friends and family, dictated her appearance, made up extravagant stories about his past, spent her money for equipment, and in one instance sexually assaulted her after a party. Smithhart uploaded a Google Drive of documents and interactions last week. Haimoto has not publicly responded to the allegations and did not return ANN's request for comment.

(Dub) 1 : Somewhere Not Here

"At the start of our relationship, he described his mother as his rock. He spoke of her sacrifice with tremendous admiration. He bragged about growing up in a majority-female household. He despised his father for what he did to his mother and declared himself a proud feminist. But, after seeing how he treated his mother and sister. The hatred that roiled off of him nauseated me. I began to fear for my life as I caught a glimpse into my future," Smithhart wrote. She detailed that later in the relationship, Haimoto expressed distaste when she would become emotional. "One moment I was everything he'd ever wanted and the next I was the most disgusting thing he'd ever seen. I wasn't allowed to cry in front of him or show what he deemed any 'negative' feelings. Feelings like anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. At one point he said, 'Can't you cry somewhere else? Or maybe when I'm not here?'"

For a limited time, you can order one set of four (4) free at-home COVID-19 tests for your residential household through the United States Postal Service. The tests available for order are rapid antigen COVID-19 at-home tests (not PCR), can be taken anywhere, give results within 30 minutes, and work whether you have COVID-19 symptoms or not.

Riders who book an inter-county paratransit transfer trip with their home agency pay only for their home agency shuttle, and therefore only need to tell that agency that they have a U-PASS. Riders who book a trip through a different transit agency are expected to pay full fare for that trip, and therefore should tell that agency that they have a U-PASS.

You must inform the Husky Card Office at once if you believe your Husky Card has been lost or stolen. The best way to report a lost or stolen Husky Card is through the Husky Card Online Office, where you can suspend activity on your Husky Card Account until the Husky Card is found or replaced. You may also contact the Husky Card Office at 206-543-7222 or by email at

There is a $25 replacement fee for your Husky Card, but no additional fee to replace the U-PASS. Once the Husky Card Office issues a new card, your U-PASS will be transferred electronically and will be available for use 12 to 24 hours after card replacement.

The UW does not track where you use your U-PASS. Transportation Services is the only office with information on who has a valid U-PASS and will keep this information private in accordance with UW privacy policies. Transportation Services staff do not have access to personally identifiable travel data.

A heart murmur is usually innocent, and generally does not mean there is an abnormality. The murmur may be heard only because the vibration in the blood travelling through the heart is greater than usual, or the heart is closer to the front of the chest and the stethoscope. However, a heart murmur may also be caused by faulty blood flow within the heart. This can be triggered by a range of conditions including:

Search Dublin flights on KAYAK. Find cheap tickets to Dublin from anywhere in United States. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Dublin from anywhere in United States.

To check to see if the 911 call center in your area supports text-to-911, download our list of areas supporting available service (updated monthly). But even in areas where call centers accept text-to-911, existing voice-based 911 service is still the most reliable and preferred method of contact.

If you attempt to send a text to 911 where the service is not yet available, FCC rules require all wireless carriers and other text messaging providers to send an automatic "bounce-back" message that will advise you to contact emergency services by another means, such as making a voice call or using telecommunications relay service. Bounce-back messages are intended to minimize your risk of mistakenly believing that a text to 911 has been transmitted to an emergency call center when it has not.

Fortunately, today, there are apps and platforms like Scavify that make it easy to create, organize, and run your scavenger hunt effortlessly. These apps also take the interaction to a different level with features like photos, videos, GPS, QR codes, trivia, notifications, and more.

On a college campus, there are plenty of great things that you can hunt for. These spaces have a lot of fun and plenty of interesting people, as well as tons of ground to cover. You can even organize a virtual college campus scavenger hunt if you want students to participate remotely. Here are some great clues for college hunts.

Parks are another great place for a scavenger hunt. The great outdoors has a lot to offer and there are a lot of fun riddles for these types of hunts, too. When planning a park hunt, add clues like these to keep everyone guessing and having a good time.

Why celebrate the public domain? When works go into the public domain, they can legally be shared, without permission or fee. Community theaters can screen the films. Youth orchestras can perform the music publicly, without paying licensing fees. Online repositories such as the Internet Archive, HathiTrust, Google Books, and the New York Public Library can make works fully available online. This helps enable access to cultural materials that might otherwise be lost to history. 1927 was a long time ago. The vast majority of works from 1927 are out of circulation. When they enter the public domain in 2023, anyone can rescue them from obscurity and make them available, where we can all discover, enjoy, and breathe new life into them.

For more information, including the interaction between expired copyrights and a different set of rules under trademark law, you can read our analysis of Winnie-the-Pooh and copyright and trademark claims over public domain characters here.

The works on our lists are in the public domain because of either a 1927 registration or publication with a 1927 copyright notice. Sometimes there is a 1928 or 1929 registration for a work published in 1927, but this does not prevent copyright from expiring over the original 1927 publication. For most of the featured works we were also able to track down the renewal data indicating that they are still in-copyright through the end of 2022 and affirmatively entering the public domain in 2023.

Our site features books, movies, and musical compositions. There are also other creative works entering the public domain, including drawings, paintings, and photography. We have not listed them here because it was more difficult to track down complete copyright information for them.

7 Endangered film footage goes well beyond the kinds of studio productions are featured here, and includes works of historical value such as newsreels, anthropological and regional films, rare footage documenting daily life for ethnic minorities, and advertising and corporate shorts.

Brian Krans is an award-winning investigative, political, spot news, and rollerblading reporter, and former senior writer for Healthline who helped co-found Healthline News. His work has appeared on the airwaves and on the pages of KQED, The California Report, East Bay Express, Salon, The Huffington Post, Wired, and other outlets. He graduated from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, where he studied at its Investigative Reporting Program while investigating corruption in California. He, his wife, and their dog live in Oakland. Find him on Twitter.

However, these lost vessels didn't always stay where they were. In 1968, a Soviet K-129 mysteriously sank in the Pacific Ocean northwest of Hawaii, along with three nuclear missiles. The US soon found out, and decided to mount a secret attempt to retrieve this nuclear prize, "which was really a pretty crazy story in and of itself", says Lewis.

The search team enlisted the help of two ingenious inventions. One was an obscure theorem from the 18th Century invented by a Presbyterian minister-turned-amateur mathematician, which helps people to use information about past occurrences to calculate the probability of them happening again. They used this technique of "Bayesian inference" to decide where to look for the bomb, to help them search in the most efficient way possible and maximise their chances of finding it.

What? One B28FI thermonuclear bomb, second stage. Where? Thule Air Base, Greenland. When? 22 May 1968. How? A cabin fire forced the crew to eject, leaving the plane to crash with its nuclear payload onboard.

Take the lost Tybee island bomb, which is still lying in silt somewhere in Wassaw Sound. On February 5, 1958, this 7,600-pound (3,400-kg) Mark 15 thermonuclear weapon was loaded onto a B-47 bomber, which was about to join another B-47 on a long training mission. The idea was to simulate an attack on the Soviet Union, substituting the US town of Radford, Virginia, for Moscow. The pilots set off from Florida and criss-crossed their way to their target, as a way of testing their ability to fly with the heavy weapons onboard for hours at a time.

In a declassified document from 1963, the then-US Secretary of Defence summed up the incident as a case where "by the slightest margin of chance, literally the failure of two wires to cross, a nuclear explosion was averted". 041b061a72


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