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The MACK Granite tanker truck is the most recent addition to the MACK fleet. It represents an awesome combination of the cab with chrome-look features and a fully functional tank. In addition to the opening doors, the cab features numerous options, such as the opening hood and the folding outside mirrors. The fully functional tanker body also brings about a lot of new functions for our young tanker truck drivers. Fill water into the integrated tank, build up pressure using the manually operated compressed-air pump, and operate the locking lever to drain the water through the hose using the draining unit! Any of our Bworld figures would be a perfect fit for this tanker truck. They can access the rear of the vehicle via the ladder to inspect the tank from the top or sit in the cab and drive to their next job. This model is also compatible with the light and sound module (item no. 02801 + 02802).

buy water tanker truck

Water trucks, or water tankers, provide potable and nonpotable water for a variety of uses, including dust control, drinking water delivery, firefighting, and farming. While you may not notice them in daily life, you'd certainly realize they weren't around when the services you rely on, which also rely on water trucks, began to struggle. In today's blog post, we're breaking down just how important water trucks are to modern society by highlighting their vital role in emergency situations.

At Superior Equipment, Inc. we provide high-quality used and refurbished water trucks for all applications. If you're in the market to add more water trucks to your fleet or have an interest in starting your own business using a water truck, contact us for more information and check out our online inventory! We're always here to provide you with the highest level of customer service.

When it comes to understanding the importance of water trucks in emergencies, it can help to take a little trip back in time. When early civilizations began springing up, they often did so around rivers. Water was as vital to everyday life back then as it is today, and a lack of convenient transportation methods meant that a society's proximity to a river made a huge difference in its members' quality of life. The further a group of people lived from water, the further they were from its life-giving benefits: fish, irrigation, hydration, soil fertility, crop growth, basic hygiene, and more.

As society began to spread out, people needed to figure out how to keep water close by. Today, most of us have so much access to water that we take it for granted. A simple twist of a knob directly delivers clean water at the temperature we desire to our home. When a disaster strikes, we can face the unsettling realization of just how hard life becomes without easy access to water. Thanks to water trucks, we can continue to meet our needs for water even in the most dire circumstances.

If a community no longer has access to safe drinking water due to a crisis, this adds a secondary crisis to the situation. Not only can this lack of potable water lead to dehydration and a whole host of other health concerns, but it also affects a community's ability to cook. Even the most basic food staples, such as rice and beans, require water to be cooked. If a town or city had to go without safe water for long, they could no longer have access to some of the most affordable nutritious food. Water from water trucks can also be used to help disaster-affected families to perform basic hygiene tasks, such as bathing and doing laundry.

Water trucks are crucial players in firefighting, especially in areas that do not have access to large amounts of water nearby or via fire hydrants. By having a fleet of water trucks ready to go, firefighters can gain access to thousands of gallons of water to help them put out blazes as quickly as possible.

Water trucks are not only useful for wildfires or house fires, but for "fake" fires, too - movie fires, that is! Have you ever wondered how the entertainment industry ensures that staged fires can be effectively extinguished if they get out of control? Probably not, but the answer is often water trucks. Water trucks are also effective at preventing fires in the first place when they are used to wet dry, heat-exposed ground.

Droughts are not uncommon, meaning that many people may not realize how deadly they can become without proper mitigation. During a drought, farmers no longer have access to naturally occurring water. Left to deal with this on their own, they would have no means of watering their crops or hydrating their livestock. This would not only lead to the direct loss of food sources and animal life, but also an indirect loss for humans - we would no longer have access to an ample food supply. Thanks to water trucks, farmers in drought-stricken areas can bring in water from other parts of the country that are not experiencing a drought.

Health care settings require a lot of water to maintain sanitation standards. Water is also used in a variety of procedures, including dialysis, which is a medical process that replicates kidney function in patients managing end-stage renal failure. Water trucks must meet a variety of high standards to be used for this purpose, but they are a common choice for transporting water for this vital process. The CDC even has specific guidelines laid out for the use of water truck tanker water in dialysis treatments.

Now that you know how useful water trucks can be in both daily infrastructure operations and emergencies, you may want to consider purchasing one for your own use. Starting a business providing water truck services is also a viable option that allows you to provide a vital resource for countless other industries. At Superior Equipment, Inc., we can deliver water trucks to all 48 contiguous states. Shop our inventory online now or contact us to learn more!

The Albany USMC base purchased the vehicle several years ago at a cost of $174,000, and it is still in prime working condition. Breedlove said that when the county bought the tanker, it was being used to transport fuel and was painted in USMC colors and signage. The county has since repainted it to match the other trucks in the DCFR fleet.

Water tanker trucks are used to actively fight fire especially in rural areas where there are very few fire hydrants. Because there are essentially no sources for water, water trucks haul water to remote areas and supply it to fire trucks. In addition, these trucks can be used to reduce the chances of a rapid blaze in dry, fire-prone areas.

The farming industry has a basic need for water. In fact, there are several benefits as to why a water tanker truck can benefit livestock. Water is crucial for the agricultural industry and needs to be transported for a variety of reasons. Additionally, the usage of portable trucks has many benefits to farmers including keeping crops and livestock alive. In fact, during intense droughts, transporting water to these stricken areas is immensely helpful.

Dust is often an intimate matter with construction workers. Due to impaired visibility, it often impedes the progress of workers in the field. In addition to decreasing chances of progress, it can affect their health and increase the risks of respiratory issues, lung irritation, and eye irritation, among others. However, utilizing portable water trucks can lead to suppressing the dust being kicked up by excavation, and other large-scale construction projects.

Portable water supply is essential in cases of emergencies and disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and severe droughts. Many times, natural disasters leave communities without safe drinking water. In this case, large amounts of water supply can save lives. Also, without the portable element, safe water could not get to remote locations in a respectable amount of time.

Have you ever wondered how large swimming pools get filled up with water? How about man-made lakes, or ponds? You guessed it! Water Trucks. Companies will use a portable water tanker to speed up the process whether this is filling up a hotel pool, or raising water levels in an almost dried out pond. Sometimes, untreated well water or contaminated city water may also need to use a portable water tanker truck.

"I used to do the construction business but totally quit that," said Keeney, co-owner of NRK Services in Sanger, California. "Now I'm all potable water and selling to residents, and business is the best it's ever been."

Keeney regularly fills up his 2,500-gallon water tank truck from a city-owned fire hydrant in Clovis, a city northeast of Fresno. He charges customers $200 to $500 for a truckload of water, delivered, and the cost he pays for the water is a mere "five bucks to load."

Last week, California Gov. Jerry Brown announced the state's first-ever mandatory water restrictions, in a bid to reduce water usage by 25 percent in cities and towns across the state. It comes as Central Valley cities such as Clovis are finding water supplies tougher to find.

"It's really bad," said Lisa Koehn, assistant director of public utilities for Clovis. "Four years, it just kind of builds on itself. We will have to buy some water this year, and we've never had to do that." 041b061a72


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