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Carter Walker
Carter Walker

Eternum [v0.5]

OH MY GOD you are fucking talent two PERFECT games i played eternum first for um yk doing my business but i tell u the story literally left me speechless it was SO good after i completed 0.5 i had a hole in my heart so i checked u had other games and u did "once in a life time" and OMFG at first i thought it was meh becauase i had just completed eternum so i played for like 2-3 mins and stopped and after 2 days i gave it another try and boy was i wrong even tho its not as good as eternum for me its FUCKING PERFECT the story is very good i enjoyed it

Eternum [v0.5]

In my honest opinion after playing bad,I can confirm that its overated and nothing in front of eternum, and even below oial, imagine the hype after the ending of eternum, why i didn't liked Bad? It's good but too much shit drama, not bad but just to make you a despression patient, people who want to play to feel bad? Then it has bad endings 80-90% possibility of it, and even good ending(considered by dev) are just bad, bad is a good avn, but just exxagerated, and dev is a filthy greedy bastard, who is also too much cheapskate and doesn't want to spend single penny in delivering worl early(so can milk his patreon for decades, and can save money, a complete win-win)

Don't use Joiplay on play store it's outdated. Download on there official website. Also the difference I noticed on pc version is the log in animation (the wormhole like thing when entering eternum) play smoothly than the android version that lags a bit. Using Poco F3 (SD870)

HEEEEEYYYY i cant write in eternum Diskussion so im going to ask here...... can you do in preferences the pregnancy Mode in pls i dont know if I had it on and i cant skip to the last update (i have read everything so dont worry) i want to know if I did pregnancy Mode disabled or enabled can you do that Plsssssss 041b061a72


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