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Crack cocaine is unsafe for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies. If you smoke crack while pregnant, you are at greater risk of miscarriage. In addition, your baby will have a higher risk of developmental problems both before and after they are born.

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If you smoke crack while pregnant, your baby will have a greater risk of deficits in cognitive performance, information-processing and attention to tasks. While all of these factors are helpful for children while in school, they are also needed in many other major aspects of life.

Addiction treatment during pregnancy should be tailored to meet the needs of the pregnant mother. Going through crack withdrawal while pregnant will ultimately be better for the baby than continuing to use crack throughout the pregnancy. Professional addiction treatment offers mothers the best chance of stopping crack cocaine use and protecting the health of their unborn child.

If you or someone you love is struggling with crack addiction, The Recovery Village is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about individualized treatment programs that can work well for your needs.

The signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be subtle. Symptoms of a TBI may not appear until days or weeks following the injury or may even be missed as people may look fine even though they may act or feel differently.

Children with a brain injury can have the same symptoms as adults, but it is often harder for them to let others know how they feel. Call your child's doctor if they have had a blow to the head and you notice any of these symptoms:

BrainLine offers authoritative information and support to anyone whose life has been affected by brain injury or PTSD: people with brain injuries, their family and friends, and the professionals who work with them.

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Facts about concussion and brain injury, 2017. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, 2015. Updated July 6, 2018.

9 roadside bomb attacks, one cracked the roots of my teeth on the right rear teeth. that was around 12 years ago. The VA said I have TBI no care plan - Today I feel worse than back then when it happened. Strange how the mind reacts

I have a friend that was in a car wreck years ago and keep have the back of his head swell with a reddish skin where he was cut. When this happens he has brain fog and forgetfulness. It only temporary. He had test done they note sure what it is any thoughts or case like this.

Hi my name is Reed I was kicked in the head by a horse when I was seven or eight don't remember if it was right before or right after my birthday I have all of the symptoms and I have never been treated for any brain injury they stitched me up and sent me home I am 57 I have no clue what to do

I'm wondering if an accident I had 45 years ago could be contributing to my episodes of complex migraines (feeling pushed over vertigo, aura zig zag, memory loss & inability to communicate the latest, other visual waves which pulsates with my pulse, now sudden hearing loss 3 months ago; aside from multiple HLA-B27 diseases I have thought many of these symptoms are just related to infusions & Rx) - I fell from a vehicle entering freeway 35 mph? landing on back of head towards top. My skull was all mushy, lost clumps my hair but no open cuts. I don't remember anything for days; first night slept, second night in hospital but have no record from that long ago as my parents took me. Could something like that cause long term signs? I've been trying to research, I've just believed if it had been actually "something" significant some specialist would have went, "ah HA!" a long time ago. I've had 3 brain MRI's due to assumed TIA/migraine without any mention other than gray matter indicating historical high blood pressure. Appreciate any comments. Can't find "mushy skull" results!

If a person obtained a knot(big as a fist) on their left browbone,&it took 4 weeks to subside,what part of the brain could be affected? Decision making? Ones demeanor?Or is their not anything but bone there?Thank you.looking forward to your Intel.

yes, if you STOP hurting your head Now and For good. No one has a right to hurt you. Don't always assume a symptom is ptsd. Too many doctors do because they don't understand brain injury well. Get a few doc's opinions because there are meds that coud make you more comfortable. i am sorry about the health insurance. Get as much govt aid as you can. God bless

Ok i dont know if i relate to this but i need to know when i was about 6 i had injured my head it wasnt bad at least i dont think it was bad i had needed to get stitches right smack in the middle of my head and years later when i was about 14 the doctors had done a x-ray on me for a different reason and found that i had had a bleeding brain cell or vain exactly where i had my stitches now then i realized could i have had that trauma and became "well" dumb i was doing good in kindergarten bet when we had moved 1st grade to all the way up i was failing in school so i need to know can anyone help me is there anything i can do to help this "trauma" if it even is.

I was beaten in the head by a group of guys when I was a teen. I was unconscious for over 8 hours. My head and face were swollen to unrecognizable. I never told anyone. I have severe social anxiety, depression and ptsd. No one has ever connected the two so I am wondering if my lack of control and these other issues could be caused by damage to my brain from this beating?

Hello,My name is Sarah. I am 44. I am new to this and I'm hoping somebody can point me to the right direction or specialists', doctors,etc. or what I need to have done as far as CTS or MRIs etc. I sustained a traumatic head injury (so far, only 1 MRI was done on the night of the incident in June 2014) from a tree snapping in half from straight line winds (about 70 to 80 miles an hour)... I was outside watching the weather (my dad has always taught us about the weather since we were able to walk) and I noticed that the winds (bushes across the road) we're NOT going clockwise OR counterclockwise: they were doing both @ the same time in the bushes . There were power lines that caught it. I was rushed (and I mean rushed) to the closest hospital: the E.R. Dr. Stated that I "only" had broken ribs and blood in my lungs. This was 5 years ago 06-06-2014 (Jonesboro, Ar) ... 5 Years ago and I've had strokes, major headaches, they've pronounced me dead once at my house this past August, i NEVER forget things but I have very short term memory, I have syncope blackouts, my blood pressure is high but it bottoms out & I pass out, etc. Can someone, any advice, comments, please.... help me, maybe point me in the right direction. they're not (avoiding) answering my questions of any or IF I "could" have some (either major OR minor) sort of brain injury/trauma. I've had SO many opinions, all conflict the other. Oh, please, anyone. I'm asking for help, or comments, or even questions.!????

I searched online for how old TBIs are treated, and the only treatment anyone sme to have any relief from was marijuana. The theory is that even after so long, there is swelling in the brain, and marijuana is an anti-inflammatory.

Dear Natasha,I do not know if you will even see this. I was in a serious car accident years ago and had 95% brain damage. I also broke every bone in my body but my right arm and leg. I took every day Magnesium capsules, and now also powder, and vitamin E and Lecithin. I take rose hip capsules for arthritis but as they are anti inflammatory they should help with the inflammation even in your brain, I have gone through an early menopause and curcumin with black pepper has helped me. I took it for the bone pain as I need another hip replacement but it has helped me get through menopuase without hormones or operations .I cannot stress vitamin B enough for people to take against depression, exhaustion. Grants liquid B is so fantastic but hard to get here in AUstralia now. When I was taking so many antiinflammatory drugs for pain before my first hip replacement years ago i had better relief by taking 2 magnesium capsules 3 times a day. I now take MSM powder when I a unwell with pain. it regrows your cartillage but has an ingredient to help depression bipolar,etc...You may find you need to walk every day because when you take a lot of vitamins one does put on weight e it a go....Bless you, I pray God helps you. Deborah Australia.

I'm so sorry you went through all that. I'm from Connecticut myself and was in an abusive relationship from 2003 to 2009. I, too, have had the same depression you speak of. I was staying with a friend after the relationship ended and I stayed in bed for many years as well. He said I was the most depressed person he'd ever seen. The only reason I am somewhat functional now is because of anti depressants. I wonder if I have a brain injury as well. I've been punched in the head more times than I can remember. My memory is awful. I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD and post traumatic stress. I had my nose fractured and I still have a scar above my eye from being punched. It was like I was a UFC fighter or something.I can't do marijuana because it gives me anxiety... even the indica, often gives me anxiety.What does your life look like now? And what are you doing for treatment?

Cocaine increases the amount of a chemical called dopamine in your brain. Dopamine naturally occurs in your brain. Small doses of dopamine travel through your brain cells to indicate pleasure or satisfaction.

And a 2014 review suggests many of the long-term cognitive effects of cocaine use are actually connected to withdrawal from cocaine. This seemed to imply that 5 months without cocaine would restore much of what was lost in terms of brain function.

As you age, you can start to experience normal wear and tear on the cartilage which makes it more difficult for your joints to glide smoothly, according to the Cleveland Clinic. When that happens, cracking your back can start to hurt, Dr. Asghar explains.


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